Hi loves! This past week I’ve been in a trip to New Mexico and I wanted to write a little about my experience.

Before Christmas my host family and I left for a trip to New Mexico. Yesterday (29 december) we came back. I’ve seen Route 66, Arizona, Santa Fe, The Meteor Crater in Arizona and Albuquerque. It was amazing to see so many new places.

In the first day, we started with the route 66 where we took a lot of pictures. In the first night, we stayed over in Flagstaff. We wanted to visit the Great Canyon but the weather wasn’t with us. So the next day we went to Albuquerque, with the stop at the Meteor Crater. There we experienced a very powerful wind but it was worth it. I learned a lot about the Meteor Crater and I was very schocked to see it. After this, we arrived in Albuquerque, where I can say I loved the hotel very very much. The next two days we spend our time with my host mom’s family. Next was Santa Fe. I fell in love immediately with the place. We found ourselves buying some Native-American stuff and we even visited some photography galleries which again I found it really interesting.

This whole trip reminded me how much I love travelling by car (a lot of hours) and how much I love to travel in general.

Here are some pictures from my trip:


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