Hi guys! Sooooo I finally arrived in Calfornia!! Here’s the vlog that I’ve been waiting so much for you guys to see! I will start vlogging more, and hopefully I will can post daily, as I planned. Stay tunned for posts right here, and more videos! Love you guys! ♥



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Welcome to my Life Dairy! ♥

Here I will tell you some details from my life, and also I’m gonna explain the whole U.S.A thing, if you don’t know anything about this, well, keep reading ’cause it’s damn interesting 🙂

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▽ STYLE #001


If you like the grunge style, well, you are in the right place. On my first ever post at this section, I’m showing you a grunge style. Here I am wearing a black undershirt with Guns’N’Roses, a stripped skirt, long black socks, black boots, blue jacket a black hat.

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