Welcome to my Life Dairy! ♥

Here I will tell you some details from my life, and also I’m gonna explain the whole U.S.A thing, if you don’t know anything about this, well, keep reading ’cause it’s damn interesting 🙂

I always wanted to be a youtuber and a blogger. Like always. But, I haven’t had any camera or any other equipment to star a youtube channel, and not so many ideas for the blog. Which of course made me sad and stuff, but I accepted that.

One day, I was at home, a normal and kinda boring day from my life, when suddenly my mom called me. She told me that she found on internet a really interesting thing, and that was a scolarship in U.S.A for a year. I got excited first, because since I was little my dream was to go to America. Then I remembered that I’m not independent, a thing that I always wanted to be, so my excitement ended a little bit. When my mom got home, we read more information about this program, and we learnt that for this scolarship anyone from my country could apply. The scolaship was pretty nice, ’cause you wouldn’t have to pay for anything, everything was for free (like the ticket for the plane, and all that stuff). In U.S.A you were supposed to stay a year at a host family, and go to school there. Everything sounded amazing for me, and I got excited again.

To apply you had to write three papers witht he subjects that they we’re asking for. It took me almost three hours to make sure that I have the best works that I ever wrote in my entire life. When I was done, and completely happy about what I wrote, I completed the other things that were asked there, and that was everything.

After a while, my mom called me and told me that I passed the first step. I was really happy to hear that, because that meant that I had a chance to live my dream. In february, I had to go to take an english test and to take an interview. I was nervous, but ready.

With a night before I had to go for the english test, I felt horrible. I was sick. Incredible sick. My mom gave to me a lot of medicine, and she was really worried about me, ’cause the next day I had to go and take the exam. The next morning I was feeling a little better. Me and my mom went with the bus at the place where I was supposed to take the test. We entered in the building, looking for the room that we had to go. In the moment we found it, we entered in the huge class. It was like those rooms for university class. just like that. I got a little, just a little nervous when I saw all those people there. After we found our seats, the people from there started their speech, telling us more about the program. After a while, we had to take the english exam. It wasn’t hard, but not easy either because I was still feeling a little nervous and sick. They gave me some paper works, and then I went home. On monday, I went back for the interview. Unfortunetly, the night before I hadn’t sleep at all. I tld myself that I wasn’t nervous, but deep down actually I was, and that is what keep me up all night. After the interview, I felt really really sick again, and when I came back home I couldn’t sleep again. I was stressed. I thought my interview went horrible.

The next months I just waited. It was hard. Everyday I counted the days still april, because in that month we had to receive an answer. E-mail, meant you failed. If you were receving a call, you passed. So, as I was in my bed, watching a movie (Warm Bodies) on 25th april, my phone rang. I paused the movie, seeing that I didn’t knnow the number. My heart stopped. I calmed myself and I answered.

” Beatrice? ”

” Yes? ” I asked a little panicked.

”Hi, I just wanted to tell you that you passed. You’re going to America!” in that moment, my heart stopped for a second.

”Are you joking?”

”No.” and that was the time when I realised what she really said. I started to scream and to jump around in my room, and of course then I cried. It was like someone told me ”You’re gonna live your dream!” I called my mom and everyone who knew about the scolarship, and my mom came home with a bottle of champagne. With my family, we had a little party just with us. It was the best moment of my life.

So know that you know my little story, it’s time to mention that on this adventure I’m gonna film everything. I’m gonna make daily vlogs, everyday while I am there.