Hi guys! No time no see haha. Soo if you haven’t seen my California vlog, well yes I’m in California! How America is different from Romania? Well.. EVERYTHING. The people, the food, the stores, the cars, literally everything. I already had my first day of school, and the first word that I said when I walked in was “wow”. First of all, there are a lot of buildings and it’s very easy to get lost. There are a loooot of kids. Just like in the movies, the gym is huge. My classes are pretty interesting. I got musical theatre and guess what. This year, the musical with be “High School Musical”. Yasss! The teachers are really cool and you can easily talk to them. I already have friends teachers. The kids there are cool too. I made some friends and I couldn’t ask for better first friends in U.S.A. Everyday I’m doing something interesting with my host family, which by the way they’re more than awesome. We are always doing something. I already ate at some restaurants and I can say that the food is really good, especially the greek salad, I’m in love with it haha. So yeah, everything is new and different but this only makes me wanna discover more and more U.S.A.

Follow me on this beautiful adventure here, on my blog or my youtube channel. Still trying to do daily vlogs, and I’m failing so bad because I just have so much things to do, but don’t worry I will post! And of course, follow me on instagram for some Californian pictures haha! Love you guys and thanks!


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