Hi guys! I’m finally back. P.S. The title is just because of my shirt that I was wearing haha.

On this rainy and dark day (20th november) I decided it would be a great day for a photoshoot. I grabbed my host dad, which is also a photographer, Mark and we went to Downtown Hanford to take some pictures, which turned out amazing. Long story short, I changed my host family..I will explain haha. All I can say is that I’m really really happy (than ever).

Check my host dad’s photography website: http://www.thevisualizedimage.com/

Today I also went back to the vintage shop and I finally filmed there, so the video is coming guys. Thank you so much for everythinguntitled-6 untitled-7 untitled-9 untitled-14 untitled-41 untitled-66 untitled-72 untitled-76 untitled-84 untitled-89 untitled-95 untitled-103 untitled-113 untitled-115 untitled-121 untitled-128 untitled-131 untitled-136 untitled-161 untitled-165 untitled-166 untitled-169 untitled-175 untitled-177

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