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 I believe that people change all the time. Their opinions, their beliefs, their personalities. I am not the same girl as I was when I started this blog, and I think now is time for an update, so you know better the person behind this blog.

 My name is Beatrice, but people call me all kind of names, Betty, Tris and a lot more. Personally I like Tris. I was born in Romania, Bucharest, where I’m currently living. I’m seventeen years old, this year on june 14th I will be considered an adult, which I’m not sure yet if you could use that word when you describe me.

My passions are all coming from art, pretty much. Those are music, painting, dancing, writing and movies.

 When it comes to religion, I describe myself as a non-religious person. I believe that there is good and evil in the world, but that those are not represented by a man in the sky and a red man in the ground.

I believe in karma.

I enjoy psychology a lot. I like analyzing people and situations. I think is interesting to discover what people think, and feel in different situations.

I love flowers. Very much I could say. When it comes to flowers, I love all types, and I don’t really have a favourite, but I have a weakness for the flowers that are simple, nothing extravagant. A weird thing about me is that I don’t like recieving flowers in a romantic way, at all. In a platonic way, it’s fine, but if someone offers me a flower in a romantic way, I feel weird and I’m mostly likely to cut the flower and put it in my journal or something, rather than trying to take care of it. My mom always said that is not the flower’s fault, and I know that, but it’s my way to deal with the act. This is probably happening because I hate cliche’s very much. I enjoy them if they are made on purpose to laugh about it though

I also love plants. All types of plants are welcomed in my imaginary garden, because I don’t have a real one (yet). If you look at my sketching journal, you will see tons and tons of plants. Small or big, in a vase or not, and different leaves. Plants have something special that make me happy, just like flowers.

I don’t have a favourite color. I think every color has something special, and that every color gives a different feeling when you look at them. For example, yellow always puts me in a happy mood. It’s something that makes me wanna smile, so that’s why I’m probably having so many stuff in this color.

Why is my hair purple? I have no idea. You can simply say I love doing crazy stuff, that some people are afraid of, or that aren’t quite ”normal.” Yes, I get weird looks outside of my apartment, and I’m okay with that. My hair color is one of the small things that makes me feel different from the rest of the people. I love being different, even when my kind of ”difference” is going to a whole new level of craziness.

My kind of a perfect night is when I dance. It doesn’t need to be a club or something fancy. I enjoy even being in my small apartment with a couple of friends and dancing ’till morning. Dancing is really important for me because when I dance I feel free, safe and truly happy. When my feet are moving on the rhytm of the music, my hair and my body is all covered in sweat like I just took a shower and I can’t feel my legs, that’s when I want that night to never end.

I have a strong love for planets, stars, moon and astrology. Is something I really am passionate about. I like reading about astrology, sketch the universe and talk about it.

My  life depends on music. If one day something happened and I couldn’t listen to music anymore, I would’ve no longer exist. I can’t concept life without music. This is a huge part of me that I would never give up on. No matter what I do, music is there. Studying, reading and even sleeping. I have a small radio in my room and every night before going to bed I turn it on, I just can’t stay in silence. I know Depeche Mode said Enjoy The Silence, but that is rare for me. I don’t have one type of music. I have thousands. Thanks to my beautiful mother, my knowledge in music is really grown. I know more music than more of other kids my age, and I will always be proud of that.
Thanks mom ♥

Photography is a pretty huge deal too. I really do wish my eyes could take photos, but because that’s not possible, I just grab my camera and take pictures of whatever I see. I like making memories, but sometimes I just see something beautiful that I wanna enjoy it more than just a moment, so I take a picture and later I can stare at it forever. There are so many beautiful things in this world, and everything deserves to be photographed. Nature, people, animals, clouds, moments.

Yes, I love food. I don’t understand how someone could say that they hate it. One of my biggest rule that I never break: ”always eat when you are watching a movie or a tv show, even when you are not hungry”. Please someone make that an actual quote. Eating is special, and I don’t care what others may think, I will eat whatever I want, whenever I want.
Life is short, just eat it away.

I like creating all kinds of stuff, even though I’m not that good at making DIY-s or following steps. I like doing things in my own way, and I have to say that you can’t make something ”wrong” or ”ugly” because art doesn’t concept those kind of words. Art is supposed to be different and unique, and it doesn’t have limits. Art is supposed to make you feel something.

I have a long list of TV shows and movies that I like, and I might write an article about this kind of list.

I love animals. All kinds. I’ve always had a thing for pets, since I was little, and I’ve got that from my mom, who had fourteen cats at a time when she was in highschool. It breaks my heart that animals around the world are totured, killed or anything like that. I always dreamed about animals being safe and happy. They deserve more than we do, people.

How other people are really good at something, like music, cooking etc. , I don’t necessarily consider myself an expert in something, but I believe that I’m pretty good at writing. Not because a lot of people had told me, but because I can feel it. Writing helps me to explore my imagination, and it helps me express my ideas and opinions, more than talking does. I prefer writing instead of talking (but that also depends on the situations). I love writing about all kind of things, but I would always prefer to write a novel. Creating stories is one of my favourite things to do, and I’m not going a day without writing at my novels, and I used that word at plural, because I have so many ideas that I can’t just have only one principal story.

I am a huge supporter of people’s rights and social movements. I stand with everyone, because in my opinion world is not divided by race, color, relegion, sexuality or gender. We are all human and we are all citizens of this beautiful planet. I don’t believe in racism or homophobia. I believe that those are just some illusions that people created for themselves, being scared of people that seem different from them, when in reality, everyone is equal, and we all deserve peace, a happy life, and smiles from people on the street.

   If people ask me what I wanna do in my life, the answer would be ”I have no idea”, because I really don’t know what I wanna do with my life, which is fine.

      An idea to know me more, would be for me to do the ”THIS or THAT’‘ which is pretty much a challenge where you have to choose between two things.


a short list but..



\\ here we go //



coffee *but sometimes tea

if i have to choose between reading the book and watching the movie that is made from the book, i would read the book

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Imagini pentru tumblr sunset

night owl

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both but more cats

Imagine similară


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dark chocolate

Imagini pentru tumblr chocolate


I really enjoyed writing this article, and I already have ideas for some future articles. Hope you liked finding out some stuff about me, and I will see you in my next article.



\ thanks for reading /



credits: *the pictures aren’t mine, i simply found them on the internet, so the credits go to whoever took these beautiful pictures*



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