▽ STYLE #004

Hiii guys! It’s been so long since I posted a new style, so now it’s time for another one. I’m happy to present you this dark ”witch” style from California, with a huge help from an amazing photographer from Poland, Natalia Jarczak

to see more pictures by Natalia, follow her on tumblr

14303904_1151985394840178_1602273269_o 14285265_1151985401506844_1407751249_o14285673_1151990334839684_684595556_o14285411_1151985404840177_449923830_o14329204_1151985398173511_394867319_o14339823_1151985408173510_1112894803_o  14339350_1151985411506843_1992159329_o

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