▽ STYLE #002

Hi guys! So here’s the second style that I’m showing you!

Yes, it’s another grunge and dark look. I just love these type of outftits. So, here’s a look alike tumblr picutre haha. But anwyway, here I’m wearing the same Guns’N’Roses shirt as I did in the first post, now with a pair of black ripped jeans, some black platforms and that’s it, a basic all black style.

If you are the type of person who loves bands and black, then there you go, a perfect style for you haha. And also, all black outftits are pretty amazing. If you’re wearing all black, that doesn’t mean you’re a sad soul. You can be a very happy and colorful soul who just enjoys black. Like I do.

But let’s go back to fashion. If you want a basic all black style, you can totally wear a long shirt, but even like a short top and ripped jeans. Ripped jeans look amazing with almost everything. Here my hair is down because I’m not good with hairstyles and just because the most of the time that’s how my hair looks like. But, a grunge hairstyle would look amazing. Like to little buns, or even some cute braids. Even if you’re hair is short, it’s perfect.

I don’t think any jewelry would be a good combination, but you can try, no one is stopping you.

With this outftit I thought it would look amazing with a jacket. So the one that I’m wearing is in the military style, which looks great with the ”all black” outftit.

Basically I’m trying to give you guys some advices, and also show you some of my outftits that I like. Any suggestions, ideas, everything is good, don’t be shy to write here some of your genius ideas.

DSC_0180 DSC_0195











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