▽ STYLE #001


If you like the grunge style, well, you are in the right place. On my first ever post at this section, I’m showing you a grunge style. Here I am wearing a black undershirt with Guns’N’Roses, a stripped skirt, long black socks, black boots, blue jacket a black hat. Almost everything is black.. But anyway, this outftit it’s perfect for almost everything. Even school. You don’t have to dress like this for a special occasion, if you enjoy wearing this outftit as much as I do, wear it how much you want. For my makeup, I choose something simple, just some eyeliner. But you can also wear like smokey eye or anything black, to go with the outftit. Grunge style is the best style.

Style is the best way to say who you are, without even speaking – Rachel Zoe.




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