from very unhappy to very confused

What do you do when you are unhappy? You change some things in your life to make sure you are happy, right? Maybe remove some toxic friends , go out more, be more creative, whatever.  You change the things that make you unhappy.
But let me ask you this, what do you when you are unhappy but you’re not entirely sure what you have to change to be happy?

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❝ botosani sessions ❞

ENG. A few weeks ago he took me to his hometown and I had to bring the camera with me. Here are the pictures from our trip.
RO. In urma cu cateva saptamani m-a dus in orasul lui natal, asa ca mi-am luat si aparatul foto. Aici sunt fotografiile noastre din excursie.

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Duminica ora zece dimineata. Sunt cu castile in urechi si cu cartela de metrou in mana cand sunt scoasa din gandurile mele de un barbat ce se apropie de mine cu un zambet pe fata si cu mana dreapta intinsa, care fara sa constientizez pe moment, intra pe sub fusta mea si ma atinge intre picioare pe dresul subtire.

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❝ botanique ❞



During quarantine we planned to go to a lot of places. Usually I don’t actually do as I plan but I really wanted to show him some beautiful places. So here are the pictures from the Botanic Garden from Bucharest.


In timpul carantinei am planuit sa vizitam diverse locuri. De obicei nu duc la bun sfarsit ceea ce planuiesc insa chiar mi-am dorit sa ii arat aceste locuri frumoase. Asa ca aici sunt pozele noastre din Gradina Botanica din Bucuresti.

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